Khanet el wazayef Recruitment Scope can be customized based on client requirements, it is unlimited to the below steps:

  • Define the qualifications, salary, title and job requirements etc.
  • Client Responsibility and khanet el wazayef can support as well.
  •  Screening Process – khanet el wazayef Responsibility.

Recruitment and Interviews Process:

  • Phone Interview.
  • F2f Interviews.
  • Share Shortlist resumes and candidates’ analysis.
  • Manage client f2f interviews with selected candidates.
  • Contact the Selected Candidates.
  • Prepare Job Offer with the Selected Candidate.

Following up with the employee until finalizing the vetting process.

Employee Onboarding process.

Following up the selected candidate until after passing the probation period.

Replacement within our SLA.

For more information please contact khanet el wazayef: